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Assessment is continuous and comprehensive as per CBSE Guidelines. To nourish and nurture the many facets of the child’s development both scholastic and co-scholastic growth is chartered.

Nursery, KG I and KG II will have no formal testing. They will be assessed through day to day activities and responses in simulated real life situations.

Classes I to VII will have four Formative Assessments and two Summative Assessments. Formative assessment will include projects, homework, assignments, quiz etc and Summative assessment is carried out at the end of the term in the form of a written examination.  It assesses the acquisition of knowledge and skills by a student during a term. The students will be assessed on scholastic and Co-scholastic areas. The Co-scholastic areas include:

  • Life Skills (Critical thinking skills, Social skills and Emotional skills)
  • Attitude (towards teachers, schoolmates, School programs and the environment)
  • Values
  • Literary and Creative skills
  • Scientific skill
  • Aesthetic skills
  • Performing arts
  • Sports& Physical Education

Detailed Assessment (DA)

GIIS has initiated DA to enable the school to externally validate, its commitment towards equipping students to fare well in examinations. EI initiatives; well known for their inter-school examination called “ASSET” will conduct online testing of the student’s understanding in core subjects consisting of English, Math and Science. DA will be conducted for students from classes III to VIII during the subject specific periods without affecting academic transaction.

About Detailed Assessment (DA)

  • DA is a formative assessment at the topic level, customized to GIIS textbooks and curriculum in order to maximize the accuracy of the results obtained.
  • DA aims at providing a set of tests per subject along with a mechanism to give immediate feedback to teachers and students within 48 hours of conducting the test. Moreover, this feedback is objective which helps teachers get an accurate picture of their students’ performance.
  • The focus is on learning with understanding, as DA questions are designed to test concepts in the topic that is tested.
  • Focused teacher remedial support is provided for the learning gaps observed among students; including pedagogical guidelines, suggested projects, assignments and reference material.

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